A charity horse ride of over 3000km from the far West of Mongolia in the Altai Mountains to the Eastern most tip of the country in the open grassy plains of Dornod.

This ride is one of a kind! The longest charity horse ride in the world! And you can be a part…. Join for the whole 10 week expedition, or for a short 10 day sprint.

The ride will start on 20 July 2020 from the base of the Altai Mountains in Bayan-Ulgii Province, Western Mongolia, finishing on 23 September 2020 in Dornod Province at the Eastern Border of Mongolia and China. A total of 3000km, traversing the full width of Mongolia. This is a onetime charity challenge, a once in a lifetime chance and completely unique experience, all for an amazing cause.

We will ride together as a group for 50km per day, travelling East along a set route we have prepared. After 10 days riding, we will have a rest day. This day will also allow for new riders to swap in and riders who have completed their section to travel back to Ulaanbaatar by car.

Every participant will be provided with 2 horses, and all fresh horses will be provided after around every 1000km at designated points.

We welcome challengers to join for 10 day sections, or for the whole 10 week ride!

Ride more than 3000 km across Mountain, Desert, Steppe and more….a horse riders dream adventure to bring brighter smiles to children across Mongolia

The ride will be fully supported by vehicle and we will be accompanied by a doctor with satellite phone. We provide all meals on the ride, including cooked dinner and breakfast, dinning ger (yurt) and tents, mobile outdoor shower and toilet for every night. Transport to and from the start and end points of the ride will be provided.


The Great Mongolian Ride is being organized by Mrs. Gabriella Schmidt-Corsitto, Gaby to her friends, jointly with Saraa and Baagii, a local horse herding family and horse trekking experts.

The Ride is the dream of Gaby and has come about through her years of passionate riding and exploring of Mongolia on horseback with Saraa and Baagii. Gaby herself has been riding horses since she was a child, and now, at the age of 55, she feels more at home in the saddle than out. Saraa and Baagii have been organizing and running horse treks and expeditions for over 20 years all across Mongolia. Their home base, Saraa’s Ger Camp and Horse Treks is famous among expat and visiting equestrians in Mongolia for providing excellent service and thrilling horse riding experiences.

Gaby is the Founder of the Mongolian Dental Health Charity, Misheel Kids Foundation, and she has actively been raising funds and providing oral hygiene education and overseeing quality treatments for vulnerable children since the formation of the charity in 2016.

Gaby is a registered Dental Hygienist and graduate of the Minerva Dental Hygienist School in Zurich, Switzerland. Since 1988, Gaby has been actively involved in projects in many different countries. Most notably, stablishing a Mobile Dental Clinic in West Africa through the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambarene, bringing dental care to hundreds of disadvantaged children in remote areas across the region. This experience led her to focus on education and the promotion of oral care through a similar concept in Mongolia.

In 2013, Gaby moved to Mongolia, where she began voluntarily teaching at the National University of Medical Science, meeting fellow teacher and Misheel Kids Co-Founder, Dr. Anuudari Erkhembaatar. Together they worked on a project bringing dental care to children institutionalized in the Mongolian state orphanage in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city. The experienced moved their hearts as they saw the dire need for oral hygiene education and intervention in these communities. So saw the formation of the Misheel Kids Foundation in 2016.


Misheel Kids Foundation is the sole beneficiary of this Charity Ride, receiving 20% of proceeds.

Misheel Kids Foundation provides much needed dental care for a rolling count of more than 700 vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Mongolia, primarily at seven orphanages and daycare centers based in Ulaanbaatar.

The Foundation works as a facilitator and sponsor between the orphanages and specially selected dentists and dental clinics, providing annual check-ups, full sponsorship for treatment, follow up examinations and repeat treatment, if necessary. The backbone of the Foundation is providing fun and engaging oral hygiene education and preventative education aimed at children and their careers bringing brighter smiles to children in Mongolia. The Foundation also engages in an annual rural outreach project to remote areas in Mongolia’s outlying regions. The last two years have seen successful projects engaging the Tsaatan, or Reindeer herder community, and local Mongolian communities in the far North of Mongolia. In 2019 the dental team treated almost 350 patients, including children, in 6 days, who would not otherwise have been able to reach dental help. The project includes oral hygiene education at local schools and boarding houses and the provision of toothbrushes and toothpaste for the children of the community.

Misheel Kids Foundation relies on private, corporate and minimal government sponsorship to provide its services to the vulnerable children of Mongolia. All sponsorship and donations go to providing good quality dental treatment and education for children. The Foundation is run on a voluntary basis by its Founders and Board Members. 

For more information about our BENEFICIARY, please visit: or contact Gaby directly for a chat.

Entrance Fee

As a charity ride, team members are encouraged to fundraise to contribute to their entrance fee. A full 20% of the price of joining the ride goes directly to Misheel Kids Foundation, but participants are welcome to fundraise towards the full cost of the ride.

Whole Ride

20 July 2020 – 24 September 2020

+ 4 days for transport to start and from finish

$ 300 per day
(complete $ 18,300)

Includes: 61 riding days (non riding days are free), transport to the start point and from the end point to Ulaanbaatar. All meals, camping equipment, horses.

Per 10 Day Section

Team 1. 20 July – 30 July 2020
Team 2. 31 July – 10 August 2020
Team 3. 11 August – 21 August 2020
Team 4. 22 August – 1 Sept 2020
Team 5. 02 Sept – 12 Sept 2020
Team 6. 13 Sept – 23 Sept 2020 (11 days)

$ 420 per day
(complete $ 4.200)

Includes: 10 days riding, transport to start of section and back to Ulaanbaatar. All meals, camping equipment, horses.

You can find out more about fundraising towards your entrance fee here on our blog. Check out the Fundraising page for tips, ideas and platforms to use.


Situated in Central Asia, Mongolia is a unique country of nomadic culture, animal husbandry and warm hospitality.

Mongolia is one of the most popular destinations for horse trekking tourism, with its open and untouched vast steppe land, rolling hills and stunning wildflower strewn mountains. With a population of a little over 3 million in a country 3 times the size of France, Mongolia is still a true wilderness.

Mongolia’s horses are tough and stubborn, but a true dream to ride. They have unique endurance and free spirits that mean they are a pleasure to ride with long distance.

Mongolia became a democracy in 1990 after stepping out of the shadow of the Soviet Union. Since then, Mongolia has struggled with joining a modern and fast paced world, meeting many challenges head-on, overcoming some, and being overwhelmed by many more.

With the introduction of sugar and candy in the 1990’s, but with the collapse of the state medical care system, many Mongolian’s struggle with poor dental hygiene. Now it is the children who suffer, with little to no education around sugar and soft drinks, and the wide availability and affordability of sugary treats, has led to widespread oral disease.

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